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Double Cobra Braid (Solomen Bar) Paracord Bracelet

Here is an example of what can be done to get 20 feet or more on your wrist instead of in your pack or pocket. This way you have more room to carry different items in your wilderness survival kit.

There is only so much space in your kit’s tin, belt pouch, backpack or even your bug out bag. Why not conserve some of that space and wear it on your wrist. I am still trying to decide if I like the Double Braid or just the single braid. The single braid is much skinnier and I suspect a little more comfortable. The double braid was just made by turning the bracelet around when you are at the end of the first set of braids and put another braid on top of it.

Here are two photos of my very first one I did. I am sure it’s not perfect but for the first time doing it, I am happy with the results.

Double cobra braid paracord bracelet front view

Double cobra braid paracord bracelet back view

I looked at several different braids and this was one of the braids that looked cool and allowed for a lot of paracord to be braided onto the wrist. Once I figured out what braid I wanted, I looked for the best video to show me how to do that. Here is the video that I used to braid this bracelet. There are really only two different knots you have to understand to do this braid. You always start with the loop on the right side. Once you get the two knots down, it’s pretty fast. The first couple of braids will take some time.

If you want a thicker bracelet like shown in my photos above, simply turn the bracelet around and continue to braid a second layer. If you are happy with one layer of braids you can stop after you have completed the first set of braids. One set of braids will be about 10 feet of paracord. Two sets of braids (like the photos above) will contain about 20 feet of paracord.

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Jeff Pape is the founder of WildernessSurvivalKit.Com. He has been involved in camping and wilderness survival through Boy Scouts for many years. WildernessSurvivalKit.Com offers a variety of wilderness survival gear, fire-making, and camping gear to make surviving in the wilderness a little easier and a lot more fun.